Types of Lifts


Automatic Door Lifts


We are manufacturing manual and automatic doors in single and double speed operation


Passenger Lifts


We are presently manufacturing 4, 6, 8, 10, 15 and 20 people’s passenger elevators with manual and automatic doors


Hospital Lifts


Using elevators in hospital is very much necessary and we are manufacturing these elevators


Heavy Goods Lifts


We are designing high capacity elevators which can lift heavy goods in factories and warehouses.

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The machine will be of the single wrap transaction type as per design and manufacture throughout and will include a motor, electro mechanical brake, steel worm, bronze gear steel sheave shaft and a sheave all compactly mounted on a single base or bedplate. The worm shaft will be provided with ball bearings to make the end thrust and roller bearings will be furnished for the sheave shaft to insure alignment and long life. The driving sheave will be grooved to ensure sufficient traction and minimize rope wear. Adequate means of Lubrication will be provided for all bearings and worm gear. Critical components like gear pair, laminated stamping bearing are from IS09000 companies.

Technical Info

Basically control systems are of two types - Single speed and microprocessor based VVVF system. Of this, VVVF is the latest in technology used in elevators anywhere in the world.

  • 0% savings in power
  • 50% savings on stand-by generator expenses.
  • Rapid jerk-free start up.
  • Steady acceleration up to contract speed.
  • Smooth deceleration
  • Maintains level with landings independent of load variation.
  • Extremely quiet running.
  • Low wear and tear, resulting in savings on service and downtime


Electrical Controller. Electronics controller. Microprocessor base controller, which all are TRIO.

  • Electrical relay type controller.
  • Electrical card type controller with controller.
  • Microprocessor base controller.
  • Microprocessor controller.
  • Down collective.
  • Full collective.
  • Single Speed.
  • Double Speed.
  • High Speed VVVF.
  • With manual door or Auto door.
  • With indicator etc

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Factory & Administration Office Address : D.NO: 13-36/B, Kanuru Donka Road, Enikepadu, Vijayawada - 521108 Andhra Pradesh, India. Telephone : 0866-2844437 / 6526137 Mobile : 9248127137 E-mail : prem_vamsi@gmail.com
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Visakhapatnam Branch Address : D.No.50-111-1/4, TPT Colony, Seethammadhara, Visakhapatnam - 530013 Mobile : 9246476137
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Hyderabad Branch Address : 8-3-678.66, Korupu Plaza, Pragathi Nagar,Near Ganapathi Complex, Yellareddyguda, Hyderabad - 45 Mobile : 9248444137
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Guntur Branch Address : D.No.4-5-29/92, Vidyanagar 4/2, Lane opp. Siddartha Gardens, Guntur - 522002. Mobile : 9248126967 / 9290367979